Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors & Remodelers


  • Which works better, the folded Mailers of the Postcards?

    The postcards are slightly less expensive but our history shows the mailers to be marginally more effective. For one, they carry more room for a more detailed offer and additional images. In addition, they are folded in a unique way and require the reader to open them to understand the full message. The mailers also can be personalized in the form of a letter addressed to the recipient for a more personalized approach.

  • Can the mailing be personalized?

    Yes. All of our mailers and postcards are printed in a way that any copy area can be personalized by adding the recipient’s name in the salutation or body copy. They can also be personalized on both sides, so if you wanted the front to say “Special offer to the Jones Family” for example, we can do that at no additional cost.

  • Can I use any images I have for the mailers?

    Yes, however for them to reproduce sharp and crisp in the printing process they should be a high resolution image. In the design community that would mean 250 DPI or better. For the home photographer it would mean the high quality or high resolution setting on your camera. Images from smartphones are not usually high enough resolution for proper reproduction. One way to tell is the file size itself: A file size of 50K (kilobytes) for example would not produce well where a file size of 750K-3.5 Megabytes would work.

  • Can I use my own photos or graphics?

    Absolutely, we encourage our clients to use their own photos or graphics to showcase their work.

  • Is there a commitment on my part?

    No, there is no commitment beyond the minimum order totals. See programs and pricing for each of our different mailing products for minimum order amounts.

  • After I order, when will the mailers be in people’s mailboxes?

    For those mailing first-class, your order should be in-home approximately 2 to 3 business days from the time we receive proof approval and order information.

    If mailing standard, the USPS delivery time can vary greatly. From the time we receive proof approval and order information to in-home date can be anywhere from 7-13 days and even longer during holiday periods.

  • How is my mailing list selected?

    The mail list will include the closest number of homes around your jobsite so that we target all of the neighbors in that specific area. You can also add demographic parameters such as income level, age of home, home income levels, etc… to further define who your mailing will reach.

  • Can I provide you with my own letter copy instead of using your pre-written copy?

    You may either fill in or change the information as instructed on our order form or submit the copy yourself via email. You will then receive a proof which you will have the ability to make further changes as needed.

  • Once I’ve approved my copy, can I make changes for subsequent mailers?

    Yes. You will have the opportunity to change your mailer with each and every order.

  • Can I see the mail list before it mails?

    No. At this time the system does not allow for this feature.

  • Can I remove my client from the list before it mails?

    Yes. Please specify any addresses including your job site client that you do not want to mail to prior to the mailing and we will delete those names from the list.

  • Can I change the demographics for each Job Site address?

    Yes. However there is an additional $65.00 charge for this service. For each mailer or post card we prepare one group mail list using one set of demographics (i.e. home age, household income, home market value, etc.) for all jobsite addresses. Changing the demographics creates the need for multiple lists.

  • Can I get the phone numbers on the mail list?

    No. Due to federal do not call legislation, we cannot provide phone numbers.