Direct Mail Marketing for Contractors & Remodelers

Personalized Marketing

What is Personalized Marketing and what can it do for you as a home contractor or remodeler?

In its simplest form personalized marketing (also called personalization, and sometimes called direct mail marketing service) is connecting with your prospect or potential customer on a first name basis but it is so much more than that. It is targeting content and information to that individual that brings the level of personalization to a higher more meaningful level. An example would be sending a postcard mailer that utilizes the name of the prospect, their location or neighborhood, age, interests, or perhaps mention names of others in the area you've done work for. coupon mailer

Personalized marketing is based on four main steps in order to fulfill its goals: identify, differentiate, interact and customize.

Identify: In this stage the major concern is to get to know the customers, to collect reliable data about their preferences and how their needs can best be satisfied.

Differentiate: Here the goal is to distinguish customers in terms of their lifetime value to your contracting company, to know them by their priorities in terms of their needs and segment them into more refined groups, such as kitchen remodelers, home additions, etc..

Interact: Determine which communication method and by what means contact with the client is best made. It is necessary to get the customer's attention by engaging with him in ways that are known as being the ones that he enjoys the most. This could be coupon mailers, direct mail samples, or a contractor website.

Customize: Personalize the product or service to the customer individually. The knowledge that a company has about a customer needs to be put into practice and the information held has to be taken into account in order to be able to give the client exactly what he wants.

Benefits of Personalized Marketing

  1. More qualified leads
  2. Better customer relationships
  3. Customer loyalty
  4. Increased referrals
  5. Better use of your marketing dollars